Upload Extensions

Created by a group of people. Inspired by the whole community.

Explore the possibilities

Upload Extensions is a tool for your phpBB 3.1 board that makes it possible to upload other extensions without using FTP. In addition it lets you manage uploaded extensions and ZIP packages and view the detailed information when you need it.

Choose the source

You can download the extension from one of the available sources.

Proceed the installation

You can install Upload Extensions on your phpBB 3.1 board by following the instructions of FAQ or Wiki (depending on the source where you took the extension).
Available language packages and instructions about translations can be found on the special Wiki page.

Read the documentation

Upload Extensions 3.1.2 has built-in Usage guide that consists of answers to different questions. Move the cursor over the logo (or tap on the ellipsis) on the page of the extension in the ACP of your board and click on the question button.

Compare the software

Explore the benefits of Upload Extensions 3.1.2 together with phpBB 3.1.

  phpBB 3.0 with AutoMOD phpBB 3.1 core Upload Extensions 3.1.1 Upload Extensions 3.1.2
Upload extensions (MODs in phpBB 3.0)
Uploads from local PC
Uploads from remote servers
Uploads from phpbb.com *
Checksum verification for uploaded files
Supported formats of packages ZIP - ZIP ZIP
* The feature also includes a list of available extensions/MODs containing links to the latest versions of extensions/MODs.
Installation process
Uploaded extensions/MODs detection
Ability to install extensions/MODs
Backups of extensions/MODs Files, database Database Files Files
* After an upload of an extension a button is shown that links to a core page.
Extensions/MODs management
Update extensions/MODs
Uninstall extensions/MODs
Ability to handle broken extensions (disable/uninstall)
Ability to remove the directory of a single extension/MOD from the server
Ability to remove directories of several extensions/MODs from the server at once
* At first you need to uninstall a MOD and then you can install its new version.
Information and tools for extensions/MODs
Standard detailed information *
Contents of Readme and Changelog files
Language packages management page for each extension/MOD
Installations of language packages for extensions/MODs
File tree of the extension/MOD
Ability to package the extensions/MODs properly and download those packages to a local PC
* Such kind of information includes the version number of the extension/MOD, names of its developers, compatibility with current PHP and phpBB versions etc.
** Only basic information (names of developers) is shown, other kinds of information can be found in composer.json file displayed in file tree.
ZIP files management
ZIP files of extensions/MODs detection
Save a ZIP file after an upload (optional)
Ability to download previously saved ZIP file
Ability to change the directory for ZIP files of extensions/MODs
Unpack ZIP files of extensions/MODs to prepare them for installation
Single ZIP file of extensions/MODs deletions
Several ZIP files deletions at one time
Compatibility (or support)
Noscript support
Partial JavaScript support
Full JavaScript and Ajax support
* In Extensions Manager only version check settings link is toggled by a JavaScript function (by the way this link cannot be clicked if JavaScript is off).
** JavaScript enables the file tree feature and improves the info page (modal box) and the appearance of the main form.
Additional features
Standard status messages *
User-friendly status messages **
* Information boxes after successfully done actions or in case of errors.
** Styled built-in self-closing boxes and colourful tooltips.

Know the founders

The first version of Upload Extensions was created in 2014 by Igor Lavrov and John Peskens.

Have the best experience!

We hope that you will like your experience in installing extensions with Upload Extensions.
Each installation process is really easy, quick and informative!